• Join us each Sunday at 8:15 or 10:30am.
  • The Lord’s Supper is celebrated weekly and is open to all followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Our Childrens' Programs meet Wednesdays after school.
  • Church Family and Friends Attend Lyceum Theatre.
Welcome to Lake Ozark Christian Church.

Minister’s Blog

The holidays are coming

As we turn the corner from Halloween and All Saints day, we move quickly to Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas, and then a new year begins. Add into that an election cycle that has created a more us vs. them mentality than I can ever remember, and it can seem a bit overwhelming.  Without exception, though, […]

A Moment for Spirit

A moment for Spirit.  It’s a new part of our worship service!  We might call it something different later on, but for right now, it is a moment for us to experience God’s presence in a new way.  So far, we have experienced Sue Dutton playing the hammered dulcimer, and Nancy Fuchs sharing a World […]

Thanks Guys!

Over two years ago, the men’s group of our church decided they needed to clean out their garages, storage units, and backyard sheds and have a “tools and toys sale. They invited others to do the same. After a few knee replacements, snowbird migrations, and calendar issues, the guys pulled it off. They picked up […]

Upcoming Special Events

Check the Lake Chimes for regularly occurring events.