• Join us each Sunday at 8:15 or 10:30am.
  • The Lord’s Supper is celebrated weekly and is open to all followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Sunday early services are now held outdoors (weather permitting).
Welcome to Lake Ozark Christian Church.

Minister’s Blog

See YOU Soon!

It is important for you to be here!  You help to make up the community of faith that calls itself Lake Ozark Christian Church.  Whenever you are gone, there is a space left open that only you can fill.  That is how important you are in this place! We gather to give praise and thanks […]

Storms of Life

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone, leaving a path of destruction that will take years to recover from.  After tearing through the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma is expected to be here this weekend.  Jose is just a little farther behind, moving across the Atlantic.  Hurricane Katia has its sights on Mexico.  It can be a little […]

History Often Repeats Itself

It is true that history often repeats itself unless people do something to keep that from happening.  It seems we are at the threshold of another historical repeat with a resurgence of the “alt-right”, including white supremacists, Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and other hate groups who feel a new empowerment in our country. I […]

Upcoming Special Events

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