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As you may have heard or read in the The Lake Chimes-we have hired an Interim Pastor, Pastor Paul Pryor.

Here are Pr. Paul and his wife, Tibby, with a short video message:

Pr. Paul has extensive experience as an Interim Pastor including his last 5 Pastoral Calls. These included Calls where churches had MAJOR challenges before them (such as should the church remain open) as well as churches like ours-which have very few problems in the grand scheme of things. Before his Interim Calls, he acted as a full-time pastor for over 30 years spanning back to the late 80’s.

Due to his Interim experience and the large demand/short supply-several churches were interested in extending a Call, so we feel very lucky to have him. A special thank you to our Search Committee for their hard work to extend a call to Pr Paul in such a timely manner!

Pr. Paul and his wife, Tibby, will be leaving their permanent home in Maryland and heading our direction in a few weeks. His 1st day behind the pulpit is scheduled for Sept 15th. Following the 10:30 service on the 15th, we will host a pot luck luncheon in the Fellowship Hall, with the main dish being provided. Please be on the lookout for additional details and a sign-up sheet in the coming weeks.

Now that we have secured our Interim Pastor-the Search Committee and I have turned our focus to the permanent Search and Call process, which is already underway. As a reminder this permanent Search and Call process can take upwards of 12-18 months in many cases. But rest assured the Search Committee and I will work diligently towards finding our next pastor. You should expect regular updates from me through our normal channels of communication and even some new forms of communication you’ll hear about soon.

As always please reach out to me if you have any questions and keep all those prayers coming for our Search Committee and LOCC-they’re working as evidenced by our ability to extend a Call to Pr. Paul for our Interim Pastoral needs.

Thank you!

Greg Weingart

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Our Mission

Lake Ozark Christian Church is a diverse family of devoted Christians from many religious backgrounds.  Everyone is welcome in our congregation, and to Christ’s Table. As Disciples, our mission is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a loving and sensitive manner that will uplift our members’ spirits and strengthens their faith in God.

A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.  

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