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Search Committee Update

At the congregational meeting Sunday, November 17, the Search Committee gave an update on our progress to date.  At the meeting Greg Weingart was elected as Chair of the Leadership Council.  This required him to relinquish his position as chair of the Search Committee.  Jane Daniels has assumed the position of chair and Greg will continue as a member of the committee.  Other members of the committee are: Heather Hendon, Matt Redd, Rich Reinwald, Tom Robinson, and Richard Wolfgang.

  • The first accomplishment of the Search Committee was to search for and hire an interim pastor.  We believe God’s plan is already at work when our top candidate, the Rev. Dr. Paul Pryor, felt called to join us at Lake Ozark Christian Church (LOCC) and was able to relocate very quickly.
  • The Search Committee is currently preparing a 10-page Congregational Profile required by the Search Committee Guidelines and Procedures as set forth by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America. Our liaison for this process is regional minister, Rev. Paul Koch.
  • A very important component of the Congregational Profile is to identify the characteristics and expertise the congregation believes are most important in the next pastor of LOCC.  For this reason, we are surveying everyone in the congregation.  For the next two weeks surveys will be available at church and sent to everyone on our e-mail distribution list.  Results will be published as soon as they are available.
  • Posters are up in several places in the church.  They will be updated as each milestone in the Search and Call process is reached.
  • Questions in the meantime?  Please direct them to Jane Daniels, chair of the Search Committee (314) 452-5980 or by e-mail at searchchairjzd@gmail.com.

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Our Mission

Lake Ozark Christian Church is a diverse family of devoted Christians from many religious backgrounds.  Everyone is welcome in our congregation, and to Christ’s Table. As Disciples, our mission is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a loving and sensitive manner that will uplift our members’ spirits and strengthen their faith in God.

A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.  

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