“Care Connection – Caring for LOCC Families”
Nine attended the initial meeting held to consider reorganizing Care Connection.  It was decided to continue to use the Care Connection name since the congregation is familiar with it.  We discussed what each person considered important for us to continue.  These items were:
  • – Food after hospitalization, death, or occasionally for home-bound
  • – Funeral Meals
  • – Phone Calls to sick, recovering and home-bound
  • – Cards and Visits – nursing home & home-bound
  • – Medical Transportation
We hope to again be able to provide all of these important items.  We will need every person in our congregation to be involved.  We will be asking you to complete a survey to see how you will help Care Connection.  Can you make phone calls, send cards, provide a ride, visit someone in need, provide food, etc?  Will you be a Care Connector for a month?  If you are not able to give of your time, can you provide financial support?  Money will be needed for cards, postage, gas, food, nursing home gifts, etc.  We cannot have this program without everyone’s support – men, women, young and old!

Paula Elkin and Sandy Wolfgang were elected co-chairs of Care Connection.  Committee Chairs will be decided at our next meeting.  That meeting will be on Wednesday, February 28, at 2 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room.  If the weather is bad and school is canceled, then our meeting will be postponed.  We need you to make Care Connection a success!  Each of us is a vital member of our LOCC family