Be well

If you are like me, I’ve heard about all the news and advice on the Corona virus I can tolerate.  While I know that we need to take this disease seriously, I also know that obsessing on it isn’t the answer. Okay, okay, I know that some will chastise me for saying this, but I’ve had enough of the bad news, I’m ready to hear something that will lift my spirit, give some encouragement.  I want to hear that God loves, and that this bad time will soon pass. Take that Corona virus.  You might have a royal name, but in my heart, there is only room for one king, and his name is Jesus Christ!
Whew!!! Got that off my chest!  Maybe this quarantine is getting to me, and maybe you, too.  I’ve heard from people who said they would like for me to provide some spiritual support electronically.  All this is new for an old guy like me.  When I started out in ministry, we were still using mimeo machines (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it).  Well. I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to meet this request.  After a lot of frustrating attempts, I was able to upload a video onto YouTube (I’m very proud of myself.).  You can access them by going on to YouTube and typing “Lake Ozark CC” into the search box, and the videos will appear.  I hope you enjoy them, but more importantly, I hope they lift your spirits in the knowledge that God loves you and so do I.
If all goes well, we plan on holding service on Palm Sunday, April 5.  Until then, stay safe, stay home, and stay prayed-up.  If you need me, call.  My number is (406) 459-8895.
Pastor Paul