Different Directions

Remember the days before GPS when you either had to have a map or put yourself at the mercy of others by asking for directions?  Back in those days you would often find yourself driving in circles all the while hoping to find your destination. In addition to not being very much fun, it often led to family disputes.  Oh, the good old days.

Now-a-days we have computers, smart phones, and on-board GPS devices to guide us safely and directly to our destination.  All we need to know is where it is we want to go.  Doesn’t sound too hard, but even that can be frustrating especially if all your passengers want to go in different directions.

This frustration also infects congregations.  For the most part we all understand the need for direction to guide us into the future.  We just have a hard time agreeing on which direction to take.  I find this troubling predicament in most of the churches I’ve served.  The lack of a clearly stated and wholly agreed upon direction is what holds these congregations back from reaching there desired goals, and yet, this is the first step toward getting there.

As we continue through this time of transition we need to be discussing the direction for our congregation, a direction based on our values here in Lake Ozark Christian Church.  I invite you to begin this process by asking yourself the question, “What is it that I value most about my church?”  Then, discuss your answers with others in the congregation.  Reach out to those you know well and those you might not know as well.  Try to listen closely to what it is about our church that others feel is most important.  You might be surprised what you hear.  It might even sound strangely like the voice of God.

 Pastor Paul