Month: May 2019

A Pastor’s Perspective

Last Wednesday we completed another school year with our Wednesday afternoon kids program! This year, the group sang songs, studied the Bible, had great snacks, and played lots of games, and performed Christmas and Easter plays. Our kids were fantastic!

This program would not happen without the adults who give of their time to make it happen. Lots of thanks to Patty Savage, Don Savage, Terri Van Clavern, Nancy Mitchell, Jennifer Rosa, Sandy Wilson, Kendra Weingart, Bette Taylor, Glenda Frazier, David Kirchner, Dianne Betz, Greg Weingart, Matt Hendon, Heather Hendon, Gracie Mitchell, and others who provided snacks and support. I apologize if I missed anyone! Thanks to all who have supported this opportunity for our children to learn more about their faith journey!

The recent storm damage and flooding around our area and throughout the nation have caused some to ask what the church can do to help. There are many charitable organizations that help, but the organization that is specifically Disciples of Christ focused is Week of Compassion. We take an offering each year for Week of Compassion. The funds are used to offer “solidarity grants” to Disciples churches and families connected to them when disasters occur. WOC has already connected with First Christian Church in Eldon and Community Christian in Jefferson City to assist both churches and those in their congregation who had damage. We will focus on their need this week. Your contributions to Week of Compassion are needed!

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!


A Pastor’s Perspective

The Magic Dragon Car Show is in the books. This week it’s Mother’s Day. Graduations from our schools are happening, and we are just a few weeks away from summer here at the lake. There is something about this time of year for our church. Our church friends and families that have been away for the colder months are returning and re-connecting. It is great to get them back!

We started our 8:15 service last Sunday, and will soon begin to worship in our outdoor worship center as soon as the temperature warms up on Sunday mornings. It is a great time of year to be church together!

I invite you to find your spot at church this weekend, where we celebrate Mother’s Day together, and each and every Sunday after that! Your presence makes a difference here! Come join the fun and conversation at our new “Holy Ground Cafe”, where you will meet our new friends and renew old acquaintances!

I hope to see you this Sunday as we worship God together and celebrate the Good News!