Unexpected developments

Sometimes, your day doesn’t go quite as you planned. On Monday, I texted Dianne that I wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be in to the office. Later that afternoon, I was at urgent care. The evening found me in the emergency room.

Tuesday afternoon found me in surgery to remove an appendix that was ready to leave my body. Totally unexpected. At no time would I have ever guessed my week would turn out this way. It’s Friday, and I am getting closer to fine.

Through all of this, I have been so thankful for the care and concern you have all shown. I am usually the one standing at the side of the bed asking how someone is. It’s a little bit odd being asked that from the other perspective.

That’s the way life is though, isn’t it? We face unexpected things and we move forward, giving thanks to the One who creates us, sustains us, and calls us to live life fully. The One who gives individuals gifts to help these “earthen vessels” we live in to be repaired and to heal.

In this Lenten season, we are supposed to take time to reflect and consider the paths we are on. Sometimes those paths are interrupted by unexpected things. As we continue toward Easter, we are invited to travel with Jesus and to discern where our own journeys are going. Are we focused enough on the things that really matter? Are we making time for our spiritual journeys in the midst of the rest of our busy lives?

I found out this week that it isn’t up to me all of the time. But what I do know that on this journey I am thankful for the people God puts on this planet that have the capacity to reflect God’s love back to me. Thank you all for being awesome reflectors!

See You Sunday!