Month: March 2019


After a long winter, we are finally seeing signs that the cold is giving way, slowly, to warmer temperatures. I am preparing to store my heavy winter coat again, and prepare for what’ s next. Hopefully, I am preparing for our last cold snap of this half of the year.

Our Lenten season is about the same thing that has been happening around here with our weather. Anticipation. We are called to reflect and admit that we are people who are incomplete until we fully acknowledge the presence of God in our world and in our lives. As we journey to Jerusalem together, we anticipate the story, once again, of meeting Jesus along the way. In our travels, we anticipate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and claim the hope that it gives us for our own lives.

Our communications group is working hard to spread the message that Lake Ozark Christian Church is a great place to experience God’s love and find community. Here in this space, we gather together to worship and then go forth into our world to proclaim the Gospel to the world.

You have already seen the work of our communications group in the videos you have seen in worship and on our Facebook and web pages. Soon, you will see a presence in your mailbox, and will he asked to share a special Easter advertisement card with your neighbors and friends. This card invites people to “Come Home for Easter”, and is an opportunity for each and every person here to invite people to celebrate Easter with us.

Our goal is to have at least 300 people here for our celebration on April 21. I hope you will tell others, and make plans for yourself to be present for the remainder of Lent, Easter, and each and every Sunday as we continue to explore God’s call for our church and our community!



May you find the “quiet center”

We celebrated Ash Wednesday together in our chapel this past Wednesday, kicking off our Lenten journey with a focus on our being “Busy.”  We are all busy, for sure.  But it doesn’t have to be that way all of the time.  We sometimes make conscious efforts to keep ourselves busy…sometimes to the point of dysfunction.  Many times we jam our calendars so full of things that don’t really matter and fail to leave time for things that really do.

Our journey to Jerusalem with Jesus this year calls us to make our faith journey a priority in the busy lives we lead.  The theme between now and Easter will be “Busy:  Reconnecting with an unhurried God.”  It asks us to enter into a time of reflection and confession that we sometimes fail to find the “center” of our lives, and have a need to slow down and re-evaluate the things that are really important and the things that are secondary.

I hope you will join us each Sunday morning, making time for worship and community in your busy life.  If that is impossible, be sure to take some time out of your day to become “un-busy.”  Taking just a moment to be by yourself with your God, can make all the difference in your day!

May you find the “quiet center” in your life today!