A Pastor’s Perspective

I spent last week in the mountains of Colorado.  Fifteen hours on the road to get there.  Fifteen hours back.  It was well worth the trip.  I went to an area in south central Colorado that I know well.  Each and every time I go there, the mountains and rivers are like old friends.  It is a beautiful place to get away, rest and recharge.
I was the only one in our group to catch a fish.  It was a fingerling trout about 3-4 inches long.  I don’t even know how it was able to take the fly.  Even with the fish not biting, my trip wasn’t ruined.  The best part was just being in the mountains.
Sunday morning, I planned on sleeping in.  Take a break.   Our dog Ted had other plans.  He barked earlier than usual to be taken outside. Since I wasn’t going to be at LOCC, (thank you Fred Landsberg for filling in), I had two options:  go back to bed, or go to church.  I chose the latter.
I was glad I did.  In the midst of a week full of God’s splendor in the mountains of Colorado, I felt it important to say, “thank you!”, and to open my heart to God’s recharging presence once again.
You may have traveled a long way on your journey this week. As you make your decision of where you will be this Sunday, I hope that you choose to be with us.   As we open our hearts to Gods presence in prayer, music, and the Word, we also gather together to say, “Thank You!”
Hope to see you this Sunday!