Month: September 2017

See YOU Soon!

It is important for you to be here!  You help to make up the community of faith that calls itself Lake Ozark Christian Church.  Whenever you are gone, there is a space left open that only you can fill.  That is how important you are in this place!

We gather to give praise and thanks to God.  We open ourselves once again to hear the message of Jesus Christ for our lives.  We encounter the Spirit through prayer, scripture, song, Word, and community.

We are part of a congregation that is very mobile.  Our participants travel extensively.  I know that our people are busy.  In all of that busy, the community of faith gathers each week. to pray, sing, hear, recharge, renew, and connect.

Sometimes we have difficulty connecting in our everyday lives.  LOCC is a place to connect.   Sometimes, in the course of a continual bombardment of life, we choose to disconnect.  That disconnect can leave us feeling desolate and apathetic.

The promise for us all is that we will not be left desolate (orphaned).  While I believe it is true that God’s presence is with us always, that presence can be better experienced in community.  Your church community.  When you are not here, we are less complete.

Lake Ozark Christian Church is special.  It is a welcoming place and seeks to reach out to the greater community.  It also is a place where I feel a greater connection to my faith as we gather together to worship and live out being the body of Christ to our world.

We hear in Scripture “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” ( Matthew 18.20 ).  It is uplifting when those worshippers are joined by many more!  We do ministry better together, and your presence is important!

I look forward to seeing YOU in church very soon!



Storms of Life

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone, leaving a path of destruction that will take years to recover from.  After tearing through the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma is expected to be here this weekend.  Jose is just a little farther behind, moving across the Atlantic.  Hurricane Katia has its sights on Mexico.  It can be a little overwhelming, can’t it?

The perception for us, even though we are far from the path of these storms, is that we are under attack.  We feel helpless as we watch live storm coverage and see the post-storm carnage.  We all want to help.

In most weather events like these, we are reminded of the destructive force of nature.  We hear stories of heroism and tragic loss.  We see pictures and video of utter despair and get glimpses of hope.

In all of the chaos of times like these we are reminded of the scriptural references of the presence of God:

Psalm 18.2: The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Then, just as now, God’s people faced huge adversity.  They faced the storms of life with an understanding that God was present…even in the midst of the greatest storms.

That is the wonder of it all.  In these tragedies, we sometimes get a glimpse of what living out the Gospel really looks like.  People reach out to each other and help.  Basic needs are met.  People seem to care.  And once again, for the most part, faith in humanity and the power of the Spirit is visible.

The main thought is that whatever storms come and go in our lives, we don’t face them alone….we have each other.  So we don’t lose heart, because we are all God’s children, and we are called as followers of Jesus Christ to reach out beyond ourselves with love and care for all!