History Often Repeats Itself

It is true that history often repeats itself unless people do something to keep that from happening.  It seems we are at the threshold of another historical repeat with a resurgence of the “alt-right”, including white supremacists, Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and other hate groups who feel a new empowerment in our country.

I had hoped this was all finished.  The Civil War brought about the end of one person owning another here.  The World Wars were fought and the evil of the idea of the supremacy of one race over another was fully exposed.  I thought we had learned our lesson.  We haven’t.

We learned that this evil still exists among us.  We have evidence of those who hate among us.  We see them in pictures and video waving Nazi flags and other symbols of hatred side by side, chanting “One blood, one soil!”.  They even throw the Hitler salute for good measure.  On American soil.

As I said in my sermon two Sundays ago, I respect their right to do these things.  I am appalled that in 2017 people still want to, and that many who hold these beliefs consider themselves followers of Jesus.  They aren’t.

Jesus would have nothing to do with this.  It is the antithesis of his message to the world.  He said to love God.  Love your neighbor (not just the ones who look, talk, and act like you), just as you love yourself.

History will repeat itself unless something is done to prevent it.  It is up to us to overcome hate and ignorance by proclaiming that God’s reign is not for a select few, but extends to ALL of God’s children.  It is then that we fulfill our calling to be followers of Jesus.