A Moment for Spirit

A moment for Spirit.  It’s a new part of our worship service!  We might call it something different later on, but for right now, it is a moment for us to experience God’s presence in a new way.  So far, we have experienced Sue Dutton playing the hammered dulcimer, and Nancy Fuchs sharing a World Communion Sunday poem with us.  Soon, Brynn Austin will share her lovely Spirit and voice with us as she sings a special song from a kid’s perspective onOct. 16.  You won’t want to miss it!

This moment in our worship calls on people in our faith community to step up and become actively involved in our worship service.  Everyone has a faith story to tell, or special moments where they felt God being close, a song to share, or a favorite reading, poem, video, or talent which can help others experience the Holy Spirit.

If you can help, I ask you to talk to me about it.  There will probably be times where nobody will do this.  There will be times when you might be asked to share something that is previously prepared.  The idea here is that we all have gifts and graces for ministry.  Here is your chance to share your gifts to the glory of God!

My hope is this:  That we will have people in our congregation who are able to reflect, share, and inspire others with their experiences and talents.  The moment for Spirit section in our worship has been added to inspire.  I hope you will find the inspiration to be part of this new part of our worship experience!