Summer is here!

School is out and Memorial Day has past once again.  We have started our “Chapel in the Woods” services at 8:15 am each Sunday, weather permitting, and our town gets busier.  Our church community continues to add faces of new visitors and returning members.  It is a great time to be a part of this congregation!

As we go about our lives each week, we are gifted with the task of being the Church, the Body of Christ, wherever we go.  As we go, we encounter others who need to see the Gospel in action:  “Truly I tell you, when you did it for the least of these in my family, you did it for me.” (Matthew 25:40 – NRSV).  Each time we share the extravagant hospitality of God to others, we are doing the Gospel!

As summer hits full swing here at the lake, it can seem that the Gospel doesn’t matter.  But it does.  We play host to thousands of people each year who come to our town to get away, have fun, and relax.  A good number of those people need to see and hear Good News.  We are bearers of that News to the world.  There is a better way!  Jesus showed us how to claim it.  Love God.  Love your neighbor…even as you love yourself.

As we encounter God’s children who are sojourners to our space for a time away from their everyday lives, my prayer is that when they encounter us, they encounter the Gospel we are called to embody!