Things Are Looking Up!

School is in, the days may be getting cooler and shorter, and there are good things happening here at Lake Ozark Christian Church.

There have been some new things going on here at LOCC.  The property committee has been extremely busy this year, and it shows.  Many thanks to Sherri Ewing for being the amazing leader she is, and to others who have put in countless hours to make our building better.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the 13 windows in the kitchen, fellowship hall, and the gym classrooms have been replaced.  Cliff Worthy and his crew took on a difficult project and made our windows look great and functional.  While that was going on, Marge worthy cleaned the kitchen and serving area top to bottom.

The walls in the gym were completely repainted and the gym floor completely stripped and waxed.  Several contributed to making that happen.

Our teachers and volunteers, led by Ron and Deb Ferguson, have cleaned and emptied out over two dumpsters of “treasure” that were unusable and NSFGS (not suitable for garage sale) in the past month.

Our air conditioning systems work in all areas except one half of the gym, and leaks have been fixed in the roof.

Drew Swofford repainted the parking lot markings and added signage for handicapped parking as his Eagle Scout project.

The chapel will be fully operational soon, and things on the property front are really looking up!

It is true that the church is not a building.  It is people.  And as our community of faith gathers here for worship and activities each week, we should really be thankful for those who have given so much to make our meeting space work for us.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make our building better.  There are more than I’ve listed here.  Next project?  My office!