The Holidays are upon us! Lots of distractions, lots of pressure to see and to be seen, and many opportunities to spend time reflecting on more than ourselves. There are opportunities for parties, travel, and to experience the seasons in inspirational ways.

There will be wonderful opportunities to experience these exciting times here at LOCC. After Thanksgiving, we begin our focus on Advent. Our hanging of the greens will usher in the beginning of the season, where we decorate our building with the colors of the season. The green color of our paraments on the communion table, pulpit, and lectern will give way to the purple of Advent, the purple of Advent will give way to white paraments of Christmastide, and we’ll begin a new year. Hopefully, it will be filled with the themes of the season: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

In our Advent time together, we’ll experience great worship, our children’s Christmas play and snack tasting party, the choir Christmas cantata, Christmas Eve candlelight service, and other opportunities to share in this special time of year! It really can be the most wonderful time of the year! I look forward to spending this special time with you!

DID YOU KNOW? When someone wishes you “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Xmas”, they aren’t waging war on Christmas…. Happy Holidays has its roots in “Happy Holy Days”. XMas is shorthand for Christmas…. The X is the monogram for Christ: the Greek letter Chi (“X” ) is a way to signify Christ. The way we put the “Christ” back into Christmas is to live as Jesus would call us to live: love one another.

I hope you take every chance you get this holiday season to give thanks and to allow yourself, once again (or maybe for the first time) to see the possibilities the upcoming celebrations bring! May the miracle of the season be known to you through those you meet, and may those you meet know the joy of the season through you!

I wish you the Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love that we face together! May the presence of Christ be reborn in you in a very special way in this holy season!
Seasons Greetings!