Overwhelming! The response last Sunday to our membership and evangelism group’s Discipleship Sunday was truly overwhelming. Many thanks to Don Pogue and his team for coordinating and facilitating such a great time in the life of our congregation! Also, thank you to our fellowship group for the great food at our pot-luck lunch afterward!

Elder’s and Deacons Retreat: Last Saturday, September 27, our elders and deacons met from 8 am – 2 pm for a time of learning, sharing, and reflection. Bonnie Massie coordinated this event, where the group learn about our Disciples history and was challenged to answer questions on “what I believe”. We also shared information on hospital visitation and grief, explored a process for prayer, and practiced a new way of serving communion. Thanks also to David Sallee for leading our study time!

Exciting times! There is an energy around our faith community that is growing! Our children’s and youth programming is in full swing. Our search for a new youth minister is underway. The chapel task force has completed its task, and we will soon begin the process of making this part of our facility functional again. And oh, by the way…the holidays are just around the corner!

Sometimes, in the midst of change, it is difficult to find direction. That which we know and we find comfort in takes us in a different direction. Anxiety grows, and we are fearful of something new. If we allow that only we control all that is going on around us, then it is easier to just stay where we are.

If we allow that God may be calling us into a new future, and using US to live into that future, we have an opportunity to go past where we have been and explore where we will be.

I am thankful to be on this journey with you. It is exciting, sometimes overwhelming, and constantly changing. I couldn’t think of a finer group of people I’d rather be with to explore God’s call to a new future!