Things Change

Things change. It’s a reality. Sometimes we perceive it as being a bad thing. Sometimes we see it as a good thing. Sometimes we embrace it. Sometimes we fight it until either one side or the other ( or both) has all of the life sucked out of it.

Two weeks after I turned 40, my eyesight changed. I could no longer read things up close. Books, papers, even the computer screen required the assistance of reading glasses, but reading glasses were a hassle. Even though I had 5 pair placed strategically wherever I was supposed to be, it seemed I could never find them. So most of the time, for almost 13 years, I have struggled to see up close.

I have worn contact lenses for almost 20 years. When I lost my close vision, I asked my optometrist if there was an alternative. He told me of a new multifocal lens that was sup-posed to correct the problem, but that most people didn’t like them. I didn’t try them.

Two weeks ago, I had my eyes checked and asked if the Multifocal lenses had changed in 13 years. It has! I tried a sample pair, and found out that I love them! I give up a tiny bit of clarity at long distances, but gain better close up vision. My eyes haven’t changed much , but my vision has.

We face many changes in our world. And change can be good or bad, based on perceptions we have. As we go through these changes, we must all ask ourselves to be open to possibilities.

We can either cling to what we know, and feel comfortable with where we are, or we can open ourselves to the possibilities that change might have in store fore us. As we look to a future, we must ask ourselves, “What is God Calling us to do?” Many times God calls us out of our comfort to do the ministry we are called to.

Today I see differently than I have in a long time. Things are clearer up close, and not as clear far away. I have changed my perspective, and it has made a great difference for me!

I hope you are having a great summer! I am glad to be your pastor!