New Website

Our website has been undergoing a make-over! As part of your communications team, Jandy Arnold and Scott Page have been very busy recreating and redefining our electronic appearance. When a person logs on to our website at, they find our webpage, very nicely done, and get a look at us. This week, that look will change! Scott and Jandy will reveal a new look for us, including a new logo and an updated web presence.

This new look and especially the new logo will be a way for people to identify our faith community. Our “brand” reflects who were are: “Lake Ozark Disciples”. As we use and live into this new promotion and look, our hope is that we will be identified quickly and easily.

I hope you will join me in thanking Jandy and Scott for all of their hard work, and will spend some time exploring the new website format. As we continue to move forward into a new future together, updates are inevitable. This update helps others experience our faith community as they find us on the web, and I believe it will leave a good first impression! Go check it out for yourself!

Peace! Gary