A Pastor’s Perspective

Last week a storm blew in about 3 a.m., and I heard the tarp that covered my catamaran flapping in the strong northerly wind.

Lightning flashed, and it started to rain lightly as I went outside to reattach the cover. The wind was gusting really hard, and I was afraid that the boat and trailer would be turned over. I turned it and the trailer into the wind, and as the thunder started to pick up and lightning flashed, I thought, “What if we get hail?” It was then that I decided to push the boat under the carport at the house. After securing the boat out of the elements, I wondered what to do about my car; unprotected in the driveway. After a few seconds, I made a decision. The car was on its own. One has to have priorities.

We all have priorities we make in life. Sometimes we are right, and sometimes we are wrong.

The most important thing is that we act. I am thankful for so many here at LOCC who make ministry here a priority in their life. We are gifted with people who have an enormous pool of talents, and I am excited to see them being used in so many ways!

My moving my sailboat under the protection of the carport revealed my priority for my new lake lifestyle. Save the boat.

I’m sure if the storm had intensified, and the hail had come, I would have been driving around a dented car with cracked windows, wondering about my priorities. I have a good feeling that I would sadly look out over the dented hood, lamenting the damage, and then in the rearview mirror as I backed in to connect the boat, thinking, “What a great day to go sailing!”

With priorities,